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#CoolStuff #CoolAttitude #funny #cute #smart #loveart #young #happy # creative #petlovers #respectanimals #vegan #pretty #stronggirls #stylish #ecofriendly

The Cool Corp is a new Canadian Social Business on developing creative and themed products.

The products are absolutely unique, with a style of their own that everyone loves. The concept of the brand targets millennial woman, with a vegan and cruelty-free appeal.

With the focus on the development of creative and environmentally conscious products, The Cool supports rescued animals through the sales. And that’s why we say:

Cool Stuff with a Cool Attitude


We are responsible!

The Cool Brand products are very creative in order to spread cute and funny appeal while protecting all the animals through the vegan items. They will also enforce the use of environmentally friendly products.

We are Cool!

Understanding the customer’s humor, The Cool Brand delivers funny and cute products. Within the collections, from office supplies to homeware, The Cool Brand allows the consumers to self-identify through products with themes that they like. Furthermore, these products are not repetitive; this is because of the artist sector.  The Cool products provide the most creative items for animal lovers with fun themes.  

Help to spread eco-friendly products, bring The Cool Products to your store!

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The Cool Brand combines the desire of having a cute and funny style, supporting the animals, and being environmentally friendly at the same time. It is the idea of a young brand that is the representative of a great sense of humor from the core. As the main idea is to provide cool stuff, The Cool Brand gets the empathy of its public and provides good feelings while allowing people to self-identify with the items and themes that they love.

Personality in the products is our will, outside of their boundaries. The main reason of it is because of The Cool Brand creates designs on the homewares, office supplies, jewelry, and drinkware, and it’s not with limits to include different types of products on its collection. 

We are vegan (no animal related products). We are environmentally friendly. We support animals. We love it!

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