Business Outside, Party on the inside ;)

Sometimes I go to some stores, and they have such cute stuff, I want to buy it so badly, when I think “oh no, on my work environment it doesn’t fit”.. “I’m gonna barely use it…” and then I start the internal battle between: “I’m going to be myself” versus “The professional appearance that is important for work”… And I usually finish not buying the stuff or buying and not using it…

Yeah, not that cool this battle, and that’s exactly the reason of The Cool Stuff fit perfectly in my daily routine… I’m a cat lover AF, and there is no other way that I can see to carry my passion with me either than with The Cool Stuff 😉

The first purse that is really serious outside, but it is a party in the inside. It is like me: professional, but a f@*&# cat lover on the inside.

As a user, I’ve been experiencing how practical it is this design with only one zipper, easy to just grab my stuff. Cellphone and cards/money in the front pocket, wallet in the zipper pocket, lipstick and eye pencil in one and keys in the other internal open pockets. Inside fits perfectly my MacBook Air with a physical notebook and a lunch bag.

To conclude, I know it is made by vegan leather, so it is cruelty-free… #CoolStuff, #CoolAttitude , this is the way I feel myself using it.

Do I need something else after having this purse?

No, thanks! hahaha

I’m 100% happy, I look professional, and it fits my daily needs!

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