High-end brand and Cruelty-Free

Stella McCartney is a high-end brand leading the way for other designers in the importance of ethics underpinning company values, and is a key example in demonstrating how customers respond to this. Stella herself, is the daughter of Paul & Linda McCartney; Linda of course having been a key influencer in the vegetarian food industry. Both her and Paul were passionate vegetarians in a time when it was not as wide spread as it is today.

Stella herself is a vegetarian and as a result she does not use animals for any part of the production or creation of her products. This includes both direct products, for example leather, silk, wool, cashmere, merino, fur, snake skin, crocodile skin etc.

This is quite unusual for a major fashion brand, but Stella has commented that the statistic that 50 million animals are killed every year for bags and shoes is not something she wants to contribute to, and instead she directs her company to use eco-friendly materials as faux leather and as much organic cotton as possible in its collections.

She also extends this to her beauty products and none of her make up or perfumes are tested on animals and are all 100% cruelty free.

And it raises the question, if she can manage it and have the brand the successful ones, why do other designers need to use animal products?

Fashion Week

Stella McCartney’s recent Paris fashion show had the models dancing down the runway with vegan Ultrasuede instead of leather.

It describes the new collection as follows: “Eco-friendly smooth ultra-suede in signature all-in-one and trousers echo the feeling of freedom in tan colors, while keeping the brand’s innovative cruelty free philosophy.”

Stella McCartney, showcases cruelty-free fashion as she debuts her own leather alternative material, which she calls “skin-free skin.”

McCartney told The Guardian, “I am so excited that we have finally developed fabrics that look just as good as the real thing and therefore genuinely pose a question to the industry about why anyone needs to wear leather anymore.”

The collection featured butter-soft black leather trousers, chic suede jackets, luxe handbags and trainers with flashes of micro suede. The best part? All the styles are made with what McCartney calls “skin-free skin.”

Luxe vegan leather is taking the fashion industry by storm!

Stella McCartney continues to prove it possible to design luxury collections with cruelty-free fashion.

We, The Cool Corp, are a vegan company, no products in the brand will be found that has an animal source either was tested in animals.

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