A long time ago, there was either a bone or a stick from the backyard for your dog. But experience has shown that sticks and bones aren’t the safest playthings for your pup. More popular today are rawhides and chewing sticks. Even these pose some risks to your dog’s health. Because of this, efforts have been made to produce better, safer toys that produce a variety of squeaks, moos and even songs. The sky’s the limit! While having an array of options is great, it can be overwhelming.The following are some suggestions of dog toys and methods of deciding which is best for your particular pooch.


What type of chewer is your dog? Does your pal rip all toys to shreds, or gently nibble? If your dog tends to settle down with a toy and really go at it, it’s best to purchase playthings that are made of durable rubber. When the rubber begins to crack and tear, its time to throw it out and buy another.

If your dog has a softer approach to playing, or loves toys that squeak and squeal, consider sewn plush toys.


It is important to be aware of the materials used to make your dog’s toy because they spend a lot of time in your canine’s mouth where harmful substances can be easily absorbed. Be careful; the Consumer Product Safety Commission only deems pet toys harmful if they put the owner at risk! Check the label.


Instead of smaller toys that may be a choking risk, stick to Frisbees and large balls that can’t reach the back of your dog’s mouth. In addition, regularly check all toys for cracks or holes so that your dog’s mouth stays in tip-top shape.

To keep the good times rolling for you and your best friend, consider your dog’s safety and well-being when selecting from the large range of toy options on the pet market today. Ready, set, play!

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