Kitty Crush

Are you a Cat lover? WAIT! DEEP BREATH FIRST… and now you can go ahead!

Imagine a collection made of cats, from a cat lover, with all the passion on it. The collection is full of details, and the most amazing side is to know that the sales of each piece will help the rescued cats from EHS (read more on “Cause”). Isn’t amazing? Bring it to your store and attract your customers not just because of the appearance, but also the spirit of these products.

Key Visual Kitty Crush

The collection has a set of products as you can see below. Click on the images to see it bigger. Purse, Pouch, Notebook, Sticky Notes, Cushion Cover, and Travel Mugs are cute and fascinating, carrying much more than just a pretty product. Check it!

Kitty Crush Purse Exclusive Design
– 45cm x 34cm (medium size)
– Vegan Leather
– Handles in thick strap
– Steel finishing in all metals
– Front with outside pocket with Kitty Crush logo tag
– Back with Cat Finishing
– Magnet to close the purse
– Inside open pockets
– Inside pocket with zipper
– Exclusive lining design

Kitty Crush Pouch Exclusive Design
– Round 9cm x 4.5cm deep
– Vegan Leather
– Front with dog finishing
– Lateral with paws finishing
– Exclusive lining design

Kitty Crush Sticky Notes
– Box with matte finish
– Magnetic lid
– 200 sticky notes
– Surprise cartoon in the bottom

Kitty Crush Travel Mug
– Double wall in ceramic
– Silicone lid protecting
– 400 ml capacity
– With Silicone Sleeve

Kitty Crush Notebook
– High-quality Vegan Leather cover
– 14 x 21 cm
– Inner cover + pages decorated
– Stickers Page
– Bookmark steam
– 96 pages

Kitty Crush Cushion Cover
– 50×50 cm cushion cover
– Ultra soft fabric
– 100% Polyester
– Strong seam
– Small zipper in the bottom