When you see something from The Cool brand, you can relax, because it is from an ethical source.

Ceramic mugs – Use and keep it!

The ceramic mugs are tested and designed to last for a long time. When you sell these products to your consumer, they will not just appreciate supporting the animals, but also all the benefits for the environment with all the ecological efforts of recycling.

Vegan leather – No animal cruelty!

The Cool Corp is a vegan company. We are against the animal cruelty. No products in the brand will be found that has an animal source either was tested in animals. We are proudly vegan, we use Vegan Leather in our purses.

Recyclable Materials on products and packaging

Once the customer order something or buy something in the store that came from The Cool Brand, this product will always have a recyclable packaging. We understand the importance of using less, and we are doing our best on the packaging side to support this idea. However, when it is needed a packaging, we ensure it is recyclable or reusable!

Suppliers with environmentally friendly stamp

We do have suppliers in North America and Asia, however, all the suppliers to be approved, need to environmental friend Stamp. It is part of our DNA.


Try one of our products 🙂